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Working with you direct

Aims of private lessons: some students feels they have specific needs that cannot be adequately met in a class with other students. Therefore, we offer you classes that can cater for exactly what you need to improve. Previously students have needed help with some of these topics (amongst others) below:

  • Delivery of a work presentation/project
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Exam preparation
  • Specialist vocabulary for your chosen field (medical, engineering, etc)

To focus on your written English skills Private lessons can be paid for on either a class-by-class basis or in blocks of classes over a week or month

All courses include: 

  • Two guided trips to the local area
  • Access to the centre's library 
  • A lesson on learning to learn skills
  • A free vocabulary exercise book
  • No registration fee
  • Tutorials with your teacher to monitor your progress

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Private Lessons Details

All our Private Lesson speaking courses are carefully structured and designed to cover a wide range of topic areas, grammatical structures and skills.

Course Length Any
Hours Per Week/Day You Decide
Time Any
Average Group Size 1 on 1

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